Digital Audio Re-Mastering & Restoration

Most audio tapes and other media degrade over time due to a number of factors. If you have a backlist of albums or other audio recordings that are not in digital form, we can perform digital re-mastering and restoration to make your products ready for digital distribution.

  • Allows you to re-release your products in improved digital form.
  • Prepares your product for sale via digital download.
  • Digital enhancement & noise reduction may produce a “better than original” product.
  • Product may be archived in digital form to prevent further degradation.

We have in-house capability to “bake” old reel-to-reel masters that have degraded from “sticky tape syndrome” and restore them to playable condition for digital transfer.

Our advanced noise-reduction software allows the removal of background rumble, hiss and hum that may have been in the original recordings.

We can deliver the completed restorations on CD, as high-quality .wav files or in .mp3 or other format to be ready for digital download.